Finding the best LED lights for your indoor cultivation.


While doing indoor cultivation, Choosing the right material becomes an important step. Choosing

right seeds, good spacious indoor grow area, nutrients to be used and most importantly, choosing

right Grow lights!

LED (Light emitting diode) lights have become quite popular among the indoor cultivators. People

prefer LED grow lights , you can refer from 101growlights over High intensity discharge lights because it generates less heat and is cost

effective as compared to other lights.

But as a beginner, you need to be very careful while choosing the right LED lights for your grow area.

Till few years ago, there were few brands which were providing products for this niche. But now

there are many players for this market. Hence choosing the right grow lights for your grow area

becomes a vital but difficult process.

Here is a guide for indoor cultivators to install the right lights. Let us discuss some parameters that

should be kept in mind while selecting the best lights.



1. Choosing the right type of LED light.


Selection of right type of grow lights that need to be installed should be based on A) Temperature, B)

Plant requirement, C) Right series of grow lights.

If the natural temperature of the place is low, then the number of LED units should be increasing to

maintain the temperature or visa-versa. LED lights plays an important role in maintaining the right

temperature and humidity in the grow area.

Different plants have different requirements. Hence before choosing the LED light, have an

understanding about plant requirements. With addition to this, it is also important to know the

requirement of lights in different plant stages.

There are many series of grow lights available which are supposed to be used in daisy chain way. It is

important to know which series of lights would suit your plants and get best yields out of it.


2. Grow lights that has less energy consumption. 


There are many types of LED lights available. There are various brands in this niche now. But it is

always advisable to choose a light which does not have much energy consumption. Hight energy

consumption lights may increase the electricity bills and will increase the overall monthly expenses.


3. PAR Efficiency.


PAR stands for Photosynthetically Active Radiations. To ensure that lights being used are efficient in

terms of energy consumption prospective, there should be as less as possible micromoles emitted

from the light per joule. It is basically a measure of efficiency of energy consumption of light. PAR

Efficiency is the measurement unit of light that tells us how much micromoles are emitted from one

joule of energy. To make sure that LED grow lights are efficient, the PAR efficiency of LED lights

should be good enough for keeping the overall maintained cost lesser side.


4. Grow lights that emit less heat.


There are grow lights like High intensity discharge lights or High-pressure sodium lights that are

known to have high heat generation. LED lights however does not generate high amount of heat, But

this may differ from brand to brand. Some brands of LEDs have comparatively high heat generation.

Thus, it becomes important for consumers to choose the LED string that emits less or balanced heat.

However, at some geographical places LEDs with heat would be required to balance out the

temperature for cannabis.


5. Choosing the best brand of lights.


There are plenty of players in LED market. Everyone with their own unique feature in the product.

Every brand has a different High intensity discharge wattage, Different installation method, Different

technology, Different selling price, Different area coverage etc. But they come with their own set of

disadvantages as well. Hence choosing the right brand depends on the cultivator’s specifications.

For reference, here are some brands which are popular among people.

a) King Plus 1200w double chips.

b) BESTVA 2000w double chips

c) Advance platinum series P300 300w

d) Apollo horticulture 400w

e) California lightworks solar storm 440w


6. Grow lights that have the best light spectrum output.


In earlier days, grow lights came with a single color spectrum or white lights. But with the technology

advancements, LED lights are manufactured with full spectrum of colour lights. They are either

manually programmed as per the cultivator’s requirements or pre-programmed by the

manufacturers. For the best results in terms of high yields, best usage of LED’s colour spectrum plays

a very critical role. Hence choosing the LED grow lights that has light spectrum as per the plant

growth stage is important and must be considered while buying the LEDs for grow area.


7. Installing the number of lights as per the grow area size.


There are different ideologies regarding the number of LED grow light installations for indoor


Some indoor cultivators install more number of lights than required, in order to generate higher

yields. This method is however debatable as some horticulture experts suggests that this method

may decrease the quality of yields and buds.

But majority of cultivators make a decision on the number of lights to be installed on the basis of the

size of the grow area. It may slightly change after observing the area covered by light. LED light

installation can be calculated on the basis of per sq ft area. There are online calculators available to

calculate the number of LED units required.


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8. Miscellaneous: Budgets, Features, Durability, Recommendations.


While choosing the right LED, various common factors should be also be accounted.

This will include buying LEDs within the grower’s budget. Choosing the LED’s with latest technology

and features available like changing the height or programming the colour spectrum based on plants


growth cycle or daisy chain availability etc. Growers should always check weather the LED they are

buying are durable enough or not. Or what is the maintenance expenses the light will have on the

regular basis. As there are multiple brands varying from high end branded expensive lights to low

budget lights, Recommendation and advice form the product consumers will always be helpful.